Hugo Nantes (1933-2009)

Hugo Nantes (1933-2009)

Painter, sculptor and ceramist born on January 24, 1933 in the city of San José de Mayo where he lived and had his studio. He died on March 10, 2009 at age 77.

He studied at the Departmental Museum of this city with the teachers Edgardo Dumas Oroño Ribeiro. He attended the engraving course at the National School of Fine Arts with the engraver Adolfo Pastor. In 1963 he won the annual award of the National Youth Commission of Fine Arts which let him travel to Europe (Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal). He then travelled to Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil; and in 1983 to Egypt, Greece and Europe again. He taught at the  Departmental Museum and Institute of San Jose Normal and Secondary Education.


He exhibited individually on multiple occasions including: Andreoletti Gallery, 1958; River Plate Gallery, 1975; Cinematheque Hall, 1979; Palacio Municipal Exhibition Center, 1989; also in inner cities and in Argentina. He participated in National Salons in the Interior. He participated in Biennials of Paris and San Pablo.

He won numerous awards in Salons of the Interior and national and municipal halls since 1956, prominent among them XXVII Gold Medal Award National Hall, 1963; 1st Prize Gold Medal Hall XXIX, 1965. He received the Prize Figari Central Bank in 1998.

In his works he used scraps, fiberglass, felt, various plastics, wire, wood. With these materials this post-industrial Archimboldo conveys the pathos that provides a global  view pertaining to his generation in his country, through a joint totemic and magical approach. He has taken his sculptural work on a monumental scale incorporating them in public and private buildings.

He is the author of the monument in the Plaza Armenia of Montevideo  and of other  works situated in many public and private buildings such as the Liberty Building, the Maciel Hospital, Funsa SA, Caja Notarial Pantheon, Gil Camunda Sports Park San Jose. It is represented in the National Museum of Visual Arts, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of San Jose, Maldonado and in private collections.

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