Guillermo Fernández (Montevideo 25/7/1928-7/1/2007).

Guillermo Fernández (Montevideo 25/7/1928-7/1/2007).

Designer, painter, engraver and decorator.

In 1949 he associated with the Master Joaquín Torres García and began his studies with the painter Alceu Ribeiro. He joined the Taller Torres Garcia in 1951 continuing his training with Alceu Ribeiro, Augusto Torres, Nenin Matto, Horacio Torres and José Gurvich. He made trips to Argentina (1957-58), Paul (1968). He taught in secondary schools.

He intervened in the organization and management of the  Municipal Workshop of Plastic Arts Paysandu (1959-1966). Since 1962 he teached in his own workshop where famous visual artists of the  country graduated.

Between 1960 and 1970 he realized mural decorations in stone, bronze and wood working with different teams of architects. He was a designer, illustrator for the daily newspaper “El Diario” Action, “” The Country “also collaborating with  Film Club of Uruguay.


He realized  solo exhibitions at the Uruguayan Cultural Promotion Center, 1966; Paysandu Municipal Library, 1967; Study 2, Salto, 1968; Moretti Gallery, 1970; Gallery Losada, 1973; Bruzzone Club Art Gallery, 1976; Artisans Hall of States, 1984; Paseo de la Matrix, 1993, 1996; Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany; Cultural Center of the Ministry of Education and Culture, 2001; Museum of Modern Art La Plata, Argentina, 2003. He participated in thirty collective exhibitions organized by the Taller Torres Garcia in Montevideo, in the interior of the country, in Argentina and in the United States.

He won many awards, among them  it is worth mentioning: the Acquisition Prize,  XII Municipal Hall 1960; Mural Decoration Third Prize for the Palace of Light, 1950; Second Prize jointly with Arqs. Fedor Tisch, Monestier Enrique and Julio Jimeno in the competition for the Memorial Jose Batlle y Ordonez, 1963. In 1997 he was awarded the National Prize Pedro Figari by the Central Bank of Uruguay. Morosoli Lolita Rubial Foundation Prize to the trajectory in Painting, 2002; Teaching Award for visual arts Uruguayan Commission of Fine Artists IAA / UNESCO, 2002.

Through his drawing, Guillermo Fernandez follows the path opened by Torres Garcia in the series of measured portraits. Fernández remained attached to this  genre. He solved the problems arising from the application of the golden section to portraits, by obtaining a distortion based on more subjective standards. Drawing is one of the poles of attraction of his work. The artist pursued a certain expression of his models and tried to convey that expression, stopping himself at the threshold of expressionism. His work is represented in the Central Bank of the Legislative Palace; Commercial bank; Bank Republic at the Municipal Museum “Juan Manuel Blanes” in the National Museum of Visual Arts at Rose Fried Gallery in New York.

He died because of a traffic accident in 2007.

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